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Performance Pro Bands

My name is Alexa Young

Where: Smash Studio 307 W 36th St. 18th floor,

New York, NY .  Private in Home Bands Available.

When: Rehearsals occur twice monthly on Saturdays. 


10 AM- 11:40 AM          12 PM- 1:40 AM        2 PM- 3:40 AM

Rehearsal Dates: 10/07, 10/21, 11/04, 11/18, 12/02, 12/16, 1/06, 1/20, 2/03, 3/02, 3/16, 3/30, 4/13, 5/04, 5/18, 6/01, 6/08,

Concert Dates: 2/10, 6/15 -location tbd

Price: $75/rehearsal 


    Live @ NYC Street Fair, 2023

    What is the Performance Pro Band Series?

    This is a live band performance series for students already enrolled in lessons, (either with CJTB or their own teacher) who are ready to join a band. Our teachers are professional musicians who regularly perform on world class stages and will teach their students how it is done! Students create lasting friendships while learning to write songs, perform covers and how to succeed in the music industry. 


    We place students in bands based on age, music level, and interest. 

    We start students as young six and have bands have adults. 

    Bands can have up to six musicians in them, and we can create private bands if you have a group of friends who play or want to learn to play. 

     Bands will have two live performances in NYC over the 2023-2024 school year.

    Past gigs have been held at professional performance spaces like, The Bitter End, The West End Lounge, Drom, The Living Room and Smash Showcase 1.


    Why join the Performance Pro Band Series?

    Taking music lessons and being in a band are the necessary components for musical success.

    Together lessons and joining a band in our Performance Pro Band Series completes the cycle of learning.  We utilize the skills, techniques, and songs learned in lessons for band rehearsals and live concerts.  In band rehearsals you write or select music to work on with your teacher in lessons and it goes around and around.  


     The Come Join the Band Performance Pro Band Series builds social motivation and peer accountability into your learning experience. Students in bands practice more, and practice harder, because they know there is an audience of their peers counting on them to be performance ready.  

    CJTB West End Lounge 6-1 (GBerenbaum Photography) - 6_edited.jpg

    What are the UNIQUE skills gained in this program?

    • Group Songwriting 

    • Learn to play cover songs

    • How to collaborate, compromise, and celebrate with your bandmates

    • Develop the ability to communicate your musical ideas and build on the ideas of others 

    • Learn how to give and receive kind and focused critical feedback

    • Gig set up and break down

    • Builds relationships with other musicians

    • Learning to solo

    • Master rhythms, groove and time feel

    • Learn pro rehearsal etiquette and techniques

    • Introduction to live sound mixing


    Why is performing live so beneficial to a musician?

    The confidence and energy that performing live generates is astounding. Musicians find their voice and their power with their bandmates and friends, performing music they have worked hard to write, learn and master.  It is one of the great experiences in life, and teaches the value of hard work and perseverance.


    At CJTB we create lifelong artists, musicians, and performers. Our students have gone on to sign record deals with Warner, perform on Broadway and at festivals such as Lollapalooza and Governor’s Ball. Our students have gained acceptance to the great music schools including LaGuardia and Beacon High School in NYC, Berklee College in Boston, the Studio Program at Suny Purchase .


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