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Lessons and Band Sessions

Whatever instrument your kid wants to learn, our holistic approach gives them a deeper appreciation for music and sets them up for success. We offer lessons in:

  • Guitar

  • Piano & Keyboards

  • Woodwind & Brass

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Vocals

Our band sessions are the perfect place to put those lessons into practice, and are definitely recommended. Whatever you decide, we have a plan to fit your child.

 individual Lessons

$49.25 per 30 minutes

small group (2 or more) 

$30 per 30 minutes

$20 Travel Fee

for all in person lessons


 Online Band Sessions in addition to private/small group lessons

$25 per 60 minutes

Online band sessions with no private lessons

$35 per 60 minutes


Monthly in person jams at Smash Studios in New York City.

$65 per hour


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