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Music Concert

Join us at our next youth open jam on April 23rd, 2023 at Smash Studios, NYC

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Now your kids can - learn to play in lessons,

- write and record their own music online

jam together at the studio!

At Come Join the Band, your kids won’t just learn to play their instrument in expertly guided one-on-one online lessons and jam with friends at the studio – they’ll also learn to write, record and release their own songs!


With individual lessons, online and in person band sessions, CJtB is one of the most fun ways to learn everything about making music.

We’re so sure of it, you can try your first lesson free!

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Choose one, two or all three!

Lessons for kids
Bands and Jams
The perfect combo

"I so highly recommend Come Join the Band...Both of my children have absolutely blossomed since they joined band..."
- Rebecca Roberts
mom of two CJTB kids

Play.  Write. Record. Perform

Come Join the Band offers singing lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, saxophone and clarinet lessons, voice lessons and more lessons for kids! 


Your kids will be taught by pro musicians to play, write, record, and release their own music on streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. Teaching these often untaught musical skills can take kids from rookie to rockstar in no time:






Recording and Mixing


Jam with Friends

Upcoming Events

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Moo Moo Music

Album Release Party

Lots o Lessons!

Our lessons are in full swing! 

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Amazing lessons for kids.  
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