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Why are Come Join the Band online band sessions so cool? 

Kids write songs with their peers in a small group setting!

  Kids learn to run their own recording studio from home!

Watch this video to find out more!!!

How It Works

When kids learn an instrument at CJtB, they get to join and play in a live virtual band with kids their own age right away, guided and mentored by pro musicians. How cool is that? But it’s not just fun – when kids learn in a band setting, they’re motivated to play more and they learn faster. 

Kids will also learn all the elements of songwriting; composing, arranging, recording, mixing and releasing songs with the newfound friends in their band. They’ll even get a primer in marketing & management! Our unique, collaborative approach doesn’t just ensure kids learn an instrument and make new friends – it teaches them valuable creative, business and social skills (such as compromise and negotiation) in an inclusive, unthreatening environment.

CJtB is for kids aged 5 to 17, offering in-depth tuition on every facet of their instrument and the songwriting and recording process. We welcome players of all skill levels.

For kids in the New York metro area, we now offer once per month, in person jams with their bands at the world famous Smash Studios!!!

If you are in the Miami, Florida area, check out our in person jams at Forte Music!

When you learn an instrument, you're not just learning music...

you're learning life.


The CJTB formula

Learn songs in our lessons for kids

Perfect and record your songs in your online band.

Play your songs live at our jams and concerts

Watch this video to see the CJTB Formula in action!!!!!

Live classes in NYC and now in Miami, Florida!!!

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