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How It Works

The Come Join the Band Formula works like this


In addition to techniques and skills and personal projects, our students learn individualized parts for their band songs that are being created by CJTB teachers to challenge them


During weekly Zoom band meetings the students: 

 Write songs

  Learn to run their own recording set ups from home

  Practice and record their songs

  Release an album at the end of the school year


Our in studio live jams our students walk in like pros, already having learned their parts during lessons and band sessions

Gigs and EP's

Our concerts and album releases are the culmination of all our student's hard work!  Learning, practicing, recording, jamming and releasing is what we're all about!

When you learn with us, you're not just learning music...

you're learning life.

CJTB 6.9 Absolute Zero Smash Recording Session (GBerenbaum Photography) - 42.jpg

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