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Lessons, Jams and Bands

We offer in person and online lessons on your chosen instrument.  Our lessons are fun, effective, inclusive and backed up by our jams and bands!

from one of our online band recordings.png


Get the skills down!!!


Our online bands record albums from their home studios!


Form/join an online band or meet up with your band monthly at our jams!

At the Studio

Join us at our next youth open jam on March 5th, 2023 at Smash Studios, NYC

Click your time slot below to register!!

Learning an instrument is the greatest hard work in the world.  Our educators are kind, patient and fantastic musicians. 

We teach and learn in a kind, inclusive environment where all who wish to learn are welcome and encouraged. 

Our lessons are tailored individually to every student and the jams and bands bring all that hard work to life.  Come and join the band! 

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